Dance, art, music, cities and its places, corners, people... All of them are part of my photographic universe and I don't want to set limits. A universe for an eye and lens that are always looking for something more, for something different. 


You can visit the different photo galleries by choosing them in the right column or through the links in this text. This is an example of my portfolio. If you want a quote for my photography services, you can contact me through email or phone (0410906700).


What I offer is: dance and artistic/portraits photography (for dancers, artists, artesans, painters, singers...), cultural events photography, corporate photography (for websites, marketing, corporate events...), timelapse photography, nature and cities.

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Article in City News about my projects

Since I arrived in Australia in 2011, I've had the opportunity to talk about my projects and works in different magazines like City News and Scene Magazine. And some of my films and projects have been featured in different media (newspapers and TV Channel) across Australia. 

My project 'Simply...' in Scene Magazine
My project 'Simply...' in Scene Magazine