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Some of my recent projects

New York - future project (Empire State)

Watch more Timelapses Videos

This is one of the timelapses that will be in my next project about New York. It is going to be great! I will use some timelapses mixed with video. I thought in a crazy idea when I went to New York for the first time this year, because I felt it when I was there, and decided to do it (It is a surprise, so I will explain it when I finish the project).

I'm in the initial edition phase and it will include the collaboration of 2 amazing friends and professionals, who will create an important part of the project... More info to come!! Meantime, enjoy the views of the Empire State Building!

PresCare Video Magazine 2013

I love telling stories through images; it is what I have done all my professional life. I created this video magazine (one of the main products of my business) for PresCare this year, for this year 2013. It is a journey through their stories, their values and their inspirations. Directed, scripted, filmed and edited by: noelia-ramon.com - Telling Life Productions.

1. Summary: The Rise of a Champion by Matthew Fisher
2. Music First Story: creative commons, flowers and chocolate
3. Music Second Story: In the moment of inspiration by pinkzebra
4. Music Third Story: Minimal by pinkzebra

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BEMAC: Queensland Multicultural Week 2013

Filmed, scripted and edited by noelia-ramon.com, Telling Life Productions

Music: Hopeful dreamer by Pinkzebra

I created this project about multiculturalism for BEMAC (Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre) and Queensland Government. 


From Saturday, 31 August and Sunday, 8 September 2013 Queensland Multicultural Week will celebrate our cultures, flavours, colours and traditions through a range of performances, special events and activities. Queensland Multicultural Week supports the continued growth of strong multicultural communities by promoting cross-cultural awareness and highlighting cultural diversity as positive and valuable for all Queenslanders.


You can see more corporate and institutional videos in Telling story videos section


'Dancing' in the kitchen (PresCare)

'Dancing in the kitchen' is one of the stories I created for an aged care organisation. The chef of the organisation talks about passion, about values, family and about care. It is an emotional story with that 'little dance' they need to do in the kitchen in order to produce all that amount of food; they know their movements, like a choreography perfectly created.

Adrians Chartered Accountants: Telling story video

This video tells the story of Adrians accountant company, based in Brisbane city. A story about passion, about effort and about life...


I was the author (script, film and edition) of this video for Adrians Chartered Accountants when I was working as a creative manager (videography, photography and telling stories journalism) in a social media company in Brisbane, Australia.

'Inside a Superstorm' in Brisbane, Australia

More than 25.000 lighting strikes in one day, 10,000 residents lost power... This is how I saw, filmed and felt the superstorm in Brisbane, a week ago. Love to tell stories like this one!


This short film has been featured in festivals and mass media in Australia: 

1. Brisbane Times 
2. Courier Mail
3. News Limited 

You can also watch another timelapse video featured in mass media and festivals: 'From Heaven' 

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Article in City News about my projects

Since I arrived in Australia in 2011, I've had the opportunity to talk about my projects and works in different magazines like City News and Scene Magazine. And some of my films and projects have been featured in different media (newspapers and TV Channel) across Australia. 

My project 'Simply...' in Scene Magazine
My project 'Simply...' in Scene Magazine